Decided to change the strategy and just write….after years of debating, I find no reason to fight….anymore!
People gone do what people gone do,
Doesn’t matter if we are shown the things that are true.
If it jars my mentality to a place I find strange, I’ll dismiss it as demons and make the presenter ashamed….
“They are full of the devil”, “in my prayers they will be tonight”, 
Not knowing all along I’m the one blinded, and can’t see the light. 
We’ve been trained to blame those you sense to be deranged, not realizing you’re the one “insane in the membrane”. ….By a repetitive cycle, so common we know. Like clockwork it can be done with both our eyes closed.
Not boring! Not stale, it possibly can’t be!
Well that’s only because of the vantage you see!
You’ve become engrossed in a norm that is worn, as you keep trying to glue pieces that are torn…looking raggedy, needing to be reborn!
But can’t nobody tell you what you don’t wanna see!


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